About our cupcakes

Our cupcakes are baked fresh daily using the best ingredients. Our recipe is an authentic American family recipe which means our cupcakes are rich, moist and have a delicious fluffy icing on top, yumm!

We use high quality Belgian chocolate in our cupcakes and cakes to give them a rich decadent flavor and Dutch butter to create our creamy delicious icings and make sure they are super fluffy.

We do not use artificial preservatives in any of our cupcakes. Our cupcakes are available in a wide verity of vegan flavors as well and our alcoholic buttercreams are made with top grade liquors- never artificial flavorings.

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If you would like any information about workshops, or custom orders like wedding- and birthday cakes, or if you just have a question or a suggestion, please use the form to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Of course you can also always e-mail to info@aliceincakeland.nl or call 06 - 158 655 15 during store opening hours.